Capturing memories at Darley House with photographer Graham Dunn

Capturing memories at Darley House with photographer Graham Dunn

We celebrated my father’s 90th birthday at Darley House in October 2016.  Like most people coming to Darley House we were looking to bring family and friends together and wanted to capture the occasion.  Obviously you’re not 90 everyday and one of my sister’s and her family live abroad, so our opportunities to get together like this are limited.

I researched photographers in the area and was recommended Graham Dunn.  Graham’s speciality is clear from his website, where I was instantly bewitched by stunning photographs of the Peak District, including some of our favourites walks and Dales.  I had been assured that he does family photo shoots too, and so gave him a call.

Our family way of celebrating always involves music and my other sister Hannah Kieldson, musician and composer, arranged a medley of my father’s favourite songs which we performed in the large living room bay window.  Graham captured both formal and informal moments brilliantly.

I was so impressed that I asked Graham to come back and photograph the Darley House gardens, which are part of the Alastair Sawday’s garden collection, through the seasons.

So he revisited Darley House in early November just as the heaven’s opened…patience has to be a virtue for any photographer.  Then there was one of those moments, which I have been told is called the ‘magic hour’, just before sunset.  As the skies cleared, golden light poured on to the tree line creating a striking contrast against the turgid slate skies… and Graham tore around the garden with his tripod.


Woodland walkways

So we captured some wonderful memories of our three generations and friends – grandparents, grandchildren, parents, children, sisters,  in October.  And then some wonderful shots of the Victorian gardens, designed by Joseph Paxton in the 1860s, on that stormy day in November.  And there will be more of the Darley House gardens, in winter, spring and summer, which I look forward to sharing.

Hannah Keildson (composer and musician), Dr Karen Scrivener (University Professor) and Lucy Arterton (owner of Darley House) on the stone balustrade in Darley House gardens - Photo by Graham Dunn

When you book Darley House we can help you to create the ideal stay or celebration, whatever that might be, and if you want Graham Dunn to help capture your special moments in time, then we would be only to happy to recommend him.

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Darley House Garden Walk Way