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Capturing Memories At Darley House With Photographer Graham Dunn

Like most people coming to Darley House we wanted to get our family together to celebrate a special occasion.   As with a lot of families, we are spread across the country and some of us live abroad.   So, Darley House, being in the centre of England with Manchester airport nearby, is convenient for us all. Perfect – the stage is set…

Capturing memories - My father's 90th

Since the special occasion was my father’s 90th we wanted a proper record to pass on down the ancestral line!  So, I researched photographers in the Peak District and was recommended Graham Dunn. Graham’s skill and speciality were clear as soon as I saw his website.  His fabulous landscape shots included some of our favourites Dales which we have named Darley House rooms after. So, with this in common and assured that he did family shoots, I gave him a call.

There is always some music involved in our family celebrations. And hence my middle sister, a musician and composer, arranged a medley of my fathers’ favourite songs.  We performed in the large living room bay window avidly supported by our family. It should be said that my father detests having a fuss made, particularly a photo fuss!  And Graham did a superb job of capturing memories – both the formal and informal moments.

Family photo on the steps of Darley House
Hannah Keildson (composer and musician), Dr Karen Scrivener (University Professor) and Lucy Arterton (owner of Darley House) on the stone balustrade in Darley House gardens - Photo by Graham Dunn

Capturing memories of places in time- Darley House gardens

This was quite serendipitous as I wanted some professional photos taking of the gardens through the seasons. Darley House is featured in Alastair Sawday’s Garden Lovers Collection and I wanted to update the Garden Gallery on our website.

So Graham returned to the house in early November, just as the heavens opened. Then, there was one of those moments (which I have been told is called the ‘magic hour’, just before sunset). The skies cleared and a gold light poured on to the tree-line at the top of the stone balustrade, creating a striking contrast against the turgid, slate skies.  And Graham tore around the garden with his tripod, snapping away.

So we managed to capture memories of my father’s 90th birthday of our three generations and friends in October 2016. And also to create a record of the beautiful Victorian ornamental gardens, designed by Sir Joseph Paxton in the 1860s, on that stormy day in November. There will be more to come of Darley House in winter, spring and summer, which you can see on our Garden Gallery.

Darley House

At Darley House you can create your ideal special occasion.  We have suggestions and contacts on the Peak Experiences page of our website.  You can arrange in-house dining, pampering, hot tub hire. And if you want someone to capture memories, we have no hesitation in recommending Graham Dunn Photography

For more information about Darley House, luxury self-catering sleeping 14, please see our website: www.darleyhouse.com