Take a grand tour of Darley House

I am thrilled that we now have a video of Darley House and gardens. 

When my website designer, Mark Wilson (http://brilliantlittlebusiness.com), suggested producing a video based on a series of stills I was not quite sure what to expect. I sent Mark a range of photos which he suggested should aim to create a sequential flow copying the natural way one would walk around the house and gardens. I chose some photos from the website (thank you Elly, Stella and Jane) and others that I took myself over the last year, particularly of the garden.

Mark's son,  Luke Wilson, did the video design and I am delighted with the result - very professional and, set to the exquisite and calming music composed and performed by my sister Hannah Keildson, really reflects the ambience of Darley House which is what I wanted to achieve. See what you think..

Hannah Kieldson

Photos:                                                                    Elly Hazael | Elly on Linkedin
Jane Bates Interior Design | Jane Bates
Stella Scordellis | SMS Creative Photography
Lucy Arterton | Darley House

Luke Wilson | Luke Wilson Media

Watch this beautiful video tour of Darley House - a stunning Georgian House ideal for luxury breaks in Derbyshire, UK.  Sleeps 14.

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